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How We Pick the Best Portable Power Station?

Nov. 04, 2021

Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station

The best portable power stations provide you with electricity whenever and wherever you need it. Unlike portable generators, they require no petrol and run almost silently. The lightweight model can fit in a backpack and charge mobile phones and tablets. The heavy duty version can power a fridge or a well pump during a power outage.


Things to consider before you buy portable power stations

While all portable power stations offer remote power, their specifications vary considerably. The following key elements will help you choose the best portable power station for your specific needs.


Power output

A lightweight portable power station can charge your phone, tablet and run several camp lights. Those designed for home use may be able to operate a TV, fridge or even a power-hungry air conditioner at the same time for a period of time.


Available wattage (W) tells you how much power is available from your device. There are often two figures. For example 1,000 W/500 W. The first is the peak power, which takes into account the fact that all motors surge when they are started. The second figure is the amount during normal operation. In addition, the number of watt-hours (Wh) indicates how long the portable power station will run before it needs to be charged. Actual performance depends on what is plugged in and how long it is plugged in, but this number can be used for comparison purposes.

Portable Power Station

 Portable Power Station      

Although all electrical equipment has a power rating, it can be difficult to determine which devices can run together. The best manufacturers of portable power stations will provide estimates such as how many times a device can charge a mobile phone, how long it can power a laptop or run a mini fridge.


Charging options

A portable power station is actually a large battery backup. Unlike a generator, which will continue to provide the same level of power as long as it is running, even the best portable power stations can lose power. How and how quickly they are charged has a big impact on convenience. Plugging them into a standard household socket is usually the fastest. Many can be charged via USB and/or via a 12V DC power outlet in the vehicle. Most can also be connected to a solar panel. While the latter may provide free energy anywhere, not all systems are reliable and are usually the slowest option. It is also not always convenient as it means the unit must be stationary during the day.


Battery types

The majority of batteries in portable power stations are lithium-ion batteries. This is a tried and tested technology. However, lithium iron phosphate batteries, also known as LiFePO4 or LFP, are starting to appear. Their main advantages are a life expectancy of up to ten years (twice that of lithium-ion batteries) and faster recharge times. They are also non-toxic, non-polluting and do not use rare metals

Portable Power Station

 Portable Power Station

How we pick the best portable power station?

Best portable power station for home

Appolo - iGOpower  1000 watt portable power station is most robust portable power stations in the wild. With capacity 799.2Wh, 1000W rated power (1500W surge power) and multiple output charge/ recharge ports, it meets the power supply needs of higher and most power electrical appliances.


Best light portable power station

Promet - iGOpower  1000 watt portable power station power station, is one of the most compact & light portable power stations.  With large capacity 972Wh, 1000W rated power (1500W surge power) and multiple output charge/ recharge ports, it meets the power supply needs of higher and most power electrical appliances.


Most outstanding portable power station

Eagle - 500w Portable Power Station Solar, is one of the most outstanding portable power stations in both performance & design. With large capacity 540Wh, 500W rated power (1000W surge power) and multiple output charge/ recharge ports, it meets the power supply needs of higher and most power electrical appliances.

With more than 10 years experience in energy storage system, as well as 3 years integrated R & D and manufacturer of energy storage technology products, iGOpower is proud to offer customers quality & professional products and services. 

Strictly runned under ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, 100% tested & aged by advanced automatic equipments, our defective rate low to 0.3%. We provide 5 years guarantee with iGOpower brand products. If you want to get more information about the best portable power station, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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