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Rechargeable AAA Batteries

The most important reason for buying batteries is so they can power your wide range of devices, such as your wireless keyboards, game controllers, flashlights, etc. It can be time-consuming to pick the right battery to complement your devices, and that's why we have done exhaustive and extensive research on these batteries. We present to you the best AAA batteries brands available.

Product Description

Product Description

The iGOpower AAA Rechargeable Batteries are available in 4 packs . These batteries come pre-charged from micro usb, great if you’re concerned about the environment, and they can still be charged even after 3 years of non-use. Even if you charge the batteries and leave them for a year they’ll still have 80% charge left and you can re-charge these batteries again and again, up to 1200 times, without them losing their maximum capacity.

With technology improving at a rapid rate, AAA batteries are not used as often as they were in the past. However, these batteries are still required for many devices, such as TV remote controls, wireless computer mice and compact digital cameras. They come as rechargeable or disposable; whichever you opt for will depend on how you intend to use the batteries. The rechargeable ones are more environmentally friendly, and you won’t have to contribute to stocking landfills with toxic materials. They also save you money in the long run as you will not have to buy batteries nearly as often.

The best AAA batteries have a long shelf life and lifespan. They hold a charge for long periods of time and deliver adequate power to your devices. The rechargeable ones charge fast and stay charged for extended periods, so you don’t have to charge often. AAA batteries have different chemistry which affects their performance and lifespan. They come in various quantities depending on how the brands choose to package them.


Several factors affect the quality and price of batteries. First, the chemistry of AAA batteries affects their charge retention. Next, you must consider whether you want rechargeable or disposable batteries.  Another consideration is the number of batteries in a pack, with larger quantities typically costing more than smaller quantities.

There are cheap AAA batteries, however, their performance is likely to reflect that enormously. They will not hold a charge for long and probably won’t deliver enough power to keep your device running optimally.


Almost every portable device still needs batteries to power them. AAA batteries are some of the few battery sizes that have not yet been phased out. They still find use in remote controls, toys, and some other smaller devices. If you’re looking to get some, here are the features you need to look out for:



Shelf life






Our Advantage

Rich Experience

More than 10 years experience in BMS, Power Bank and Power Supplies industry; 3 years production experience in Portable Power Station; Over 200,000pcs portable power station sold to North American, Japan and European market over 3 years since 2018.


Quality Guarantee

We provide 5 years guarantee with iGOpower brand products.

Strictly runned under ISO90012015 quality management system, 100% tested & aged by advanced automatic equipments, our defective rate low to 0.3%.


OEM/ ODM Service

There are more than 35 R & D engineers, and 12 of them are for Portable Power Stations, we are enable to provide you OEM/ODM service.


Competitive Price

With rich experience in energy storage management system, and manufacturer base, we are confident in providing quality products and competitive price as well.


1, What cells you used for your products?

The cells we selected are with top quality, like Bake, Cham or equivalent.


2, What’s the life time of the products? How many years guarantee for it?

The life time we design is more than 5 years. We offer 5 years guarantee with iGOpower brand products.


3, How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority. Each production process must be checked and aged 100% by QC team.


4, What is your after-sale service?

We offer 100% guarantee on our product, if there is quality problem on our side, we’ll compensate. We work with many internationally renowned companies.


5, Can you accept customized orders? OEM & ODM orders?

Yes, we can! Customized order are always welcome, as well as OEM & ODM.


6, Which country is your main market?

Our main markets are North American, Japan and European.